Ode to Grandpa

13/08/2013 21:02

I miss you Grandpa. Although you look like Albert Fish each day that it scares me to even sit at the same dining table with you. Whenever you bite something with your rotten 'brown-for-too-much-coffee-and-Malboro' teeth, I can't help but wondering... is it really pork?

I miss you Grandpa. I remember how you liked to open and check on my bag as soon as I went home from school. "Where's the drug? I know you're using drug! Look how skinny you are! You eat like a pig, but you're so hideously skinny! Where the fuck is the drug?"

I miss you Grandpa. Doesn't matter if this is officially the fifth woman that you married after Grandma passed. Maybe you look kinda hot for people your age. They should've made a playboy magazine for elders and put you on the cover. Then my friends would buy it and run like crazy to show it off to me, "Dellaaaa! Your Grandpa's dick is on the cover!" And I would be like... "whuuuut?"

No matter how much you hate me, no matter how distance we are... I miss you Grandpa, please be always healthy.