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Greetings! ◕‿   ◕ Okay, basic info:

You can call me Della, originally means Noble in German, tho there's nothing noble about me but the fact that I like to dress as a decapitaded Anne Boleyn sometimes in Halloween. It's another quiet and peaceful corner of my brain where I will mainly post about articles, diaries and stories.

Wonkyu Fanfics

The Waiting Dog (Part Four)

29/08/2013 23:11
       Cho Kyuhyun closes his eyes, has officially taken over by the situation. His hands are holding onto Choi Siwon’s uniform, trying hard not to lose balance. The sensation is surreal, the kisses deliver electric shock all over his body. Siwon’s lips taste rough,...
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The Waiting Dog (Part Three)

22/08/2013 07:10
       Choi Siwon’s finger has been pressing the same key over and over again, for the past fifteen minutes. “This is suck, Kyuhyun!” He grunts. “My internet connection is so damn slow, it’s probably just faster to drive to Google headquarters and ask them all kind of...
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The Waiting Dog (Part Two)

18/08/2013 20:05
     Years ago there’s nothing Choi Siwon could do. Day by day… the sound of his Father banging one of his hookers next door, or his laughing Mother who holds whisky while welcoming nasty women from her charity community slash cougar clubs. They all rumbled up, making buzzing...
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The Waiting Dog (Part One)

16/08/2013 06:20
     Everyday stayed the same. As Cho Kyuhyun opened his eyes, he saw nothing but misery. In his small and dirty house, he was forced to do everything alone without his parents. He had both of them, but none of them cares. His father was an alcoholic bastard and his mother...
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